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Welcome to Make A Moment The Middle East's First greeting card marketplace!

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We are so excited to welcome you to our Make a Moment family.
At Make a moment Moments our mission is to create the perfect “Make a Moment” for loved ones across the GCC.

What is a Make a Moment?
A Make a Moment means so much to so many different people:
It’s the Moment of joy the Moment Maker experiences when they create a unique design.
It’s the Moment of excitement when the recipient receives their Make a moment mail.
It’s the Moment they see the amazing artwork that’s so personal to them.
It’s the Moment they read the message of love from the sender that just shows that they care.
It’s the Moment you experience when your loved one calls to tell you how much they loved their card or gift.
It’s the Moment loved ones experience every time they look at their cards for years to come.
Each and every Make a Moment will be thanks to you, our amazing Moment Makers.

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