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Send Get Well Soon Card

Send a ray of sunshine, warmth, comfort, and love to your loved ones, family, and friends with our get well soon card. When your family, friends, or loved ones' spirits are low, and their bodies feel a touch blue, send them odes of feeling better wishes. Our one-of-a-kind get-well-soon cards are created by artists worldwide to create cards that are real, ooze love, and are a little bit of fun to give the receiver the positivity in a time of need. Explore our catalog to find a wide range of cards to bring that million-dollar smile back to the faces of your loved ones.

16 Products found

Pink Floral Hugs Card

Soph AC Studio

Send this pink 'Hugs' floral botanical card to let your loved one know you are thinking of them

Sending You A Whole Llama Love - Thinking of you

Send someone some Llama love who needs it with this playful, heartfelt card

Big Warm Hug - Thinking of you card

Send someone who needs it some love with this heartfelt card.

Get Whale Soon

Pretty Pixel Co

Punny ‘get well soon’ card to bring a smile to a loved one or friends face when they are feeling a little sick.

Lots of Love


Send Love from afar with this greeting card!

Good Healthy Vibes


Send some heartwarming and cheerful wishes from afar with this greeting card!

Thinking of you Sunshine


Sunny card with abstract papercut shapes, wave flowers and coral, to send over some sunshine!

Get Well Soon Maze

Faye B

A little maze to keep them busy while they are recovering. Reading the message- Thinking of You.

Get Well Soon Grapevine Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send a loved one this funny Get Well Soon "Heard it on the Grapevine" joke card to cheer them up when they aren't feeling very well.

Sending LOVE

Droplette Design

Send some love with this big hearty card <3

Under The Weather

Jess Moorhouse

Send a friend some get well wishes with this cute bear card

Best friends

AP Designs

Send a message to your best friend with this summery scene!

Happy Thoughts

Jess Moorhouse

Send some positivity to a friend with this cute rainbow and clouds card

Grow Through What You Go Through!

Jess Moorhouse

Show a friend who's having a hard time you care with this cute and motivational flower card

Falcon Love and Strength

Droplette Design

Send a thoughtful pick me up card to someone you love with this falcon love and strength card. The falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage.

It`s OK to not be OK

Triple Kiss Designs

The perfect card to send to someone who may be struggling with their mental health to let them know you are thinking of them.

The Right Way Of Sending Get Well Soon Card

Colors, the thrill of living and doing something new every day, going out socializing, sharing, laughing, and discovering small pleasures with your loved ones are all part of life. However, when life throws a curveball that makes people sick or unhealthy, whether depressed or in pain or injured, one is confined to a location to ensure a quick recovery and adequate rest. Apart from the physical agony, it becomes a mental ache in which one may feel helpless, which can be detrimental to their spirit.

Your presence is defined by tenderness, warmth, and support in a cerebral sense, and they feel loved and cared for. This is why sending get-well cards to sick family members can be a great way to cheer them up. Now comes the task of deciding what to write, and if you're asking yourself that question, here's how you can complete this task without any worry while communicating genuinely from your heart.

Think of the Overall Situation

The first step is to comprehend the problem and its significance. What happened, and how did it happen? It was a tragic incident, an unexpected occurrence, or a fall. Is a friend or family member unwell, has the flu, is emotionally upset, is in the hospital, hurt, or has broken a bone? Whether or not it is a transitory condition. You'll be able to select the best course of action once you've assessed the full circumstance. Saying "get well soon" to someone recovering from an injury is acceptable but saying "get well soon" to someone who has a condition that will last a lifetime is improper.

Get the Right Card

You can acquire a card with their favorite animal or a punny one, whether you go with the traditional manner of sending some floral cards or you must always send something that will soothe the pain or whether you want to buy something that brings a smile to their face. Making someone smile with one-of-a-kind and emotional cards that convey the genuineness of your relationship with perhaps an underlying humor is also a terrific approach to make them grin. The receiver will feel at ease, as if nothing has changed, and anticipate growing better and returning with a bang.

Be Positive & Warm

If you aren't close to the recipient, try to avoid lingering on the person's condition or providing specific facts. This shows nobility, and you don't want them to mull over it. Your card's purpose is to make them happy and show that you care. If you make sure the receiver is reminded of wonderful times past and lovely things to come, your card will serve as a reminder of companionship through a tough time. It's also a good idea to compliment the person on their positive qualities; this serves as a great motivation to keep their spirits up and their heads up.

Please Offer Your Assistance 

When individuals say things like "if you need anything, don't hesitate," or "would love to help you," they usually miss the mark. Instead, give straightforward things you could do and make things convenient for the recipient. You may, for example, volunteer to collect their groceries on the weekend or assist them with other household duties, errands, or other essentials and tasks.