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Welcome to Make A Moment The Middle East's First greeting card marketplace!

About Us

   " At the Make a Moment family, Special Is our Specialty. At our core, we are a company who really cares about elevating your gifting experience in a sustainable way. We are driven by creating a connection between friends and family across the world through unique and customised gifting enhancements made with love from our artists. Our community of designers care as much as we do about making your special ones feel extra special. This is what we call a Make a Moment".

Our Core Values:

                                    R-Respect                       U-Uniqueness
                                    I-Inclusiveness               P-Personable

Maileditmoments CEO (2)
                                        "I have always been a very sentimental person. From a very young age, I used to create hand-crafted birthday and Mother’s Day cards for my Mum; she always used to say that the card meant so much more as it was so personal to her. This Is a message that I carry with me in everything that I do.

At the age of 19, when I was in the military and found myself far away from home, I first saw the power of putting pen to paper to tell my loved ones how I felt. I used to send my Grandmother cards and letters, all of which she still has today. She reads them from time to time and says that she hears my voice when she reads them; she will keep them forever. That’s her Make a Moment.

When I first moved to the UAE at the age of 23, knowing the importance of keeping in touch with my family, I grew increasingly frustrated with the feeling of being unable to receive cards, or hearing that they got lost along the way. Not one to wait around, I knew I had to create the solution myself, and I knew that I wanted everyone in this region to feel the warm fuzzy feeling they deserved. That is when Make a Moment was born. Having developed this Idea further, we constantly work on ways to enhance the gifting experience with wrapping paper, labels and other personalised gifts. Everything you purchase on our site will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Having suffered from depression in the past, the journey of Make a Moments has allowed me to experience the joy and excitement of sending messages of love through the most incredible artwork; all of the art and messages of love just make me feel happier. I always smile when I think about you receiving messages of love. It matters to us that our cards represent each and every one of you, no matter your walk of life. Our Makers of Moments are from over 22 countries across 6 continents representing different languages, national celebrations and cultural references. We are so proud to have brought a global experience that is created, produced and delivered here in the UAE.

Now, when my family and friends want to send me a message of love, I'll never miss a moment and now you won’t have to either."

S. Jones 
Make a Moment
CEO & Founder