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Send Condolences & Sympathy Cards

Extend your comfort and support to your loved ones and friends when things get rough, and the world looks a little bleak for them. With our unique selection of sympathy and condolences cards, you'll be able to strike the right chord and provide much-needed comfort to your loved ones. A thoughtful card is a tangible expression of your support that may be read over and over again if you're feeling bad. Buy sympathy cards and convey the sentiment of being present with the person and caring for them when they are in need, spreading the feeling that their loved ones always surround them.

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If I could turn back time

Kitty Doodling

Sorry is the hardest words, so why not make it easier and say it with a card!

Pink Floral Hugs Card

Soph AC Studio

Send this pink 'Hugs' floral botanical card to let your loved one know you are thinking of them

You got this babes

The Positive Stationery Company

Let your loved one know that theirs going they to smash their nee challenge!

Flowers need time to bloom. So do you

Shaikha's Cards

Flowers need time to bloom. So do you الازهار تحتاج وقتا لتزهر وانتي ايضا

Make Lemonade

Rock & Rose Creative

Send this card to put a smile on someone’s face when life gives you ups and downs.

Big Warm Hug - Thinking of you card

Send someone who needs it some love with this heartfelt card.

Paper Hug - Thinking Of You Card

Send someone who needs it a little paper hug with this heartfelt card

Sending all the love and strength - Strength Card

Send someone who needs it some love with this heartfelt thinking of you card.

So sorry it will get better

Marie Goodchild

Send a beautiful bird and flowers sorry card to let them know you care.

Thinking Of You - Birds

Faye B

A beautiful card with a special message.

With Deepest Sympathy

Faye B

Send condolences with this sympathy card.

I'll be there for you


For a friend: I'll be there for you.

Lots of Love


Send Love from afar with this greeting card!

Thinking of you Sunshine


Sunny card with abstract papercut shapes, wave flowers and coral, to send over some sunshine!

With Sympathy flowers


Monoprint poppy illustration in black and off white

Sending LOVE

Droplette Design

Send some love with this big hearty card <3

Happy Thoughts

Jess Moorhouse

Send some positivity to a friend with this cute rainbow and clouds card

Grow Through What You Go Through!

Jess Moorhouse

Show a friend who's having a hard time you care with this cute and motivational flower card

Bee Positive

Jess Moorhouse

Send someone you know a little "Pick me up" with this cute little bee positivity card!

It`s OK to not be OK

Triple Kiss Designs

The perfect card to send to someone who may be struggling with their mental health to let them know you are thinking of them.

Stars & Darkness

Sassy Sarah

Stars can't shine without darkness, you'll get through this. Send this supportive card to a friend to let them know you're thinking of them in their time of need.

Learn the Sympathy Card's etiquette norms

There are many methods to convey condolences to others, but nothing comes close to a personal card during and after a period of severe grief. A meaningful card can be returned repeatedly in the days following a loss to provide comfort and support. When sending a condolence card, it's natural to be concerned about following the proper etiquette or doing things correctly. However, there are no explicit guidelines; instead, we follow an unspoken agreement and etiquette to ensure that we do not offend or distress the recipient. Read our comprehensive guide to find out how to appropriately express your condolences to friends, family, and acquaintances who have lost a loved one.


Timeframe to Send Sympathy Card

There is no set period because so many things come into play. However, it is largely dependent on when you learn of the loss. You have two weeks from the day of the loss to reach out to your loved ones and friends to offer your condolences and let them know you are thinking of them. While it is best to contact them as soon as possible, giving them a few days to process the event is also a good idea.


Make It Personal

Reaching out to a loved one who is in dire need of relief shouldn't feel like a duty; you're reaching out because you share their grief and want to show support. So, if you are close to the individual, make sure you call them, bring flowers and a card instead of leaving a text or sending a generic post on social media.


Offer Support

Taking care of your loved ones is the same as looking after yourself. It is only human to show that you care and are eager to assist them when they request help. But don't make promises; you can't keep them. A hollow gesture is far worse than making no offer of assistance.


Don’t Be Pushy with Religion and No Superstition.

"in prayers, remembering" "I pray for bravery and strength for you," or "you are in my prayers," will not offend them; rather, it will demonstrate that you care about them and are thinking about them. However, do not use this time to push your beliefs or bring up superstitions; the last thing you want to do is aggravate their situation by upsetting or annoying them.


The Closing on Card

A nice place to start when closing your sympathy card is: With affection. For closed ones, fond memories, with love, with loving memories, and so on are appropriate.