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Passed your driving test

Faye B

Send this funny card. They've passed their test but can they afford petrol?

Congratulations - Passing Driving Test - Pink Car

Riad Mannan Designs

A lovely card to congratulate the person who has just passed their driving test.

Congratulations - Passing Driving Test

Riad Mannan Designs

A cool card for anyone who has recently passed their driving test - show them you want to offer them congratulations!

Zebra Crossing Driving Test Card

Sassy Sarah

Send this silly card to someone who has recently passed their driving test, reminding them of the rules of the road.

Funny Well Done You Passed Your Test Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send this funny well-done card to a friend or loved one who has somehow managed to pass their driving test when they don't even know their left from their right!

You Passed Your Driving Test!

Soph AC Studio

Say congratulations to a new driver with this car keys themed 'you passed!' card

Buzzing For You

Droplette Design

Let the bee do the talking! A congratulatory card to share how flipping happy you are for someone!

Passed your driving test!

AP Designs

Congratulate someone on passing their driving test!

Totally Koalafied

Droplette Design

Beep Beep! They did it and are now koalafied to drive !

P for Passed

Droplette Design

The P plate is here ! Beep Beep and toot toot to the new license holder.

Biggest Fan Gaga

Droplette Design

Send this to someone you're a fan of whether it be because they are amaziiiing or because they have just passed an exam!

Llama Mia - You Did It!

Congratulate someone on passing their exams or graduating with this playful card!

Yes you did it


Congratulations for a graduation, drivers licence, new job or other happy news. With happy colored waves in yellow, orange and blue.

Congratulations On Passing Your Driving Test Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send a friend or loved one this funny just passed card to remind them not to drive like a clown!

Blimey Card


A truly British card for shock and awe!

Big Man Ting Card


Celebrating a major achievement? Or just really really tall? Whatever the reason make laugh out loud with this celebratory card!