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Our joy is heightened when we learn of someone's engagement. Sending an engagement card to a family member, an acquaintance, a friend, a coworker, or a stranger who is getting married shows them how much thought and effort you put into congratulating them on their special day. We have a diverse selection of cards to express your congratulations in a way that is unique to you. Our designs range from the classically romantic to the charming and humorous and everything in between. With the Mailedit Moments engagement card, wish the happy couple on their exciting new adventure.

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Football Wedding Match Card

Sassy Sarah

This is the perfect wedding card for the couple with at least one football fanatic! Congratulate them on their big day.

Finally I mean congratulations

Spring of Colors

You have friends who just got engaged then this is the perfect card for them.

Mr and mrs congrats you too

Spring of Colors

This can be a great card for your newly wed friends

A toast to the perfect couple

Spring of Colors

This soft pink card is perfect for your newly wedded friends

OMG you’re getting married

Spring of Colors

This cute card would be perfect for your friends who just got engaged

He put a ring on it

Spring of Colors

Congratulate your engaged friends with this cute card

Fancy Ring On It

Droplette Design

To the lucky pal who now has an oh so fancy ring on their finger ! A modern twist on a classic style card.

Best couple ever!

Totally Mailed It

Send the best couple ever this card, perfect for an engagement or wedding!

Off the market

Totally Mailed It

Congratulate them on their engagement or wedding with this quirky card

Buzzing For You

Droplette Design

Let the bee do the talking! A congratulatory card to share how flipping happy you are for someone!

Fancy Hand

Droplette Design

Congratulations to the newly engaged who's hand just got fancier!

I Can't Wait to Walk Down The Aisle With You


Get your holiday craving loved one this funny card for any occasion!

Going To The Chapel - Wedding Card

Send the happy couple wedding day wishes with this playful card!

Congratulations in Arabic (Mabrouk)


Send this cute Arabic greeting card to your loved ones across the UAE! The Arabic expression "Mabrouk" or "Mabrook" means Congratulations!

OMG Engagement Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send the newly engaged couple this Oh My Gosh! Card to congratulate them on their engagement.

You Said Yes! Congratulations Engagement Card

Cupsie's Creations

Send this card to the newly engaged couple to celebrate that she said yes!

Wedding Bells


This is the perfect card from bridesmaids' to their friend, who finally found the ONE!

All the Toasts!

Droplette Design

A Toast to the newlyweds or those just engaged, perhaps a new home or a career high...this fun , happy card works for most occasions.

Engaged UAE Style

Droplette Design

For the couples who have gotten engaged in the UAE! Congratulations! An acrostic stye card, filled with mini love hearts to share your love.

Tick Appropriate

Sassy Sarah

Do you need one card for more than one occasion? Perfect for the friend who has bought a new home and just happens to be celebrating their birthday too.

He's A Keeper

Sassy Sarah

Congratulate someone on the size of their engagement ring! Sorry, I mean on their engagement.

Biscuit Inspired Engagement Card

Pretty Pixel Co

This biscuit inspired card is totally instagramable and perfect for a friend or loved one who has just got engaged!

Tips to Send the Perfect Engagement Card

People frequently overlook how impersonal congrats messages delivered through text can appear. Go a step further and celebrate the event with a hand-picked engagement card and some sincere words they'll remember for someone you care about. Sending an engagement card expresses your joy at learning of their engagement and your desire to be a part of their special day. Sending an engagement card shows that you are participating in their joy and celebrating with them.

Keep It Simple

Nobody awards points for perfectly written or academically prepared congratulatory notes. Please keep your card and sentiments short and sincere, as this shows genuine feeling and gets the receiver enthusiastic, increasing their happiness by a factor of ten.

Express Joy

Send them texts expressing your joy at the start of their new lives together. And this was the moment that everyone had been looking forward to, bringing joy to their special day.


Rejoicing and recalling happy events from the past reminds people of the wonderful path that leads to this point. Complimenting someone entails speaking pleasant things about them and expressing your support for their union.

The underlying Humor

It's also a good idea to throw in a joke. A heartfelt wish can overwhelm someone and bring tears of delight, but a little comedy can bring that gorgeous smile and make them cackle.

End It Like a Toast

While a warm close is nice, sometimes adding cheers and love to a celebration seems like the right way to end it.